Has the Coronavirus turned up the volume of your Parental Voice?

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Has the Coronavirus turned up the volume of your Parental Voice?

The current Coronavirus pandemic has bought with it many obstacles,not least for education. Home schooling once the domain of alternative parenting has recently become the norm- out of necessity rather than choice. Lock down, social distancing, face masks in school or not, and the new normal occupy our conversations,whilst parental social interaction has moved away from the school gates and after school clubs to virtual online platforms or at worst no interaction at all. However all is not lost, as one positive from this is that the pandemic has bought parental opinions on education to the forefront of our minds.

The School Report is a website created for parents to provide feedback to schools in a transparent,respectful and constructive environment.The aim of the site is not to influence opinion but to ensure that your opinion is heard.Not to assess or judge a school,but to promote school interaction within the parental community, to ensure that your views are considered;that your opinion matters! Our goal is to break down barriers, by removing the fear of feedback from our education system and instead use it as a force for good, a basis for continual improvement in a day to day environment.The site includes over 30,000 schools from the state and private sector.The platform allows you to give feedback once a term per year group through an online holistic approach survey,it’s really quick and easy and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. To address the fear for parents of giving feedback to schools we have introduced a user number ID and this is what will appear on any feedback given rather than your personal details.Registered users will be able to view overall ratings per year group within the parental community. We also encourage schools to get involved and respond to feedback and utilise statistical information to improve services.

Still not sure if you want to register ? Have you got the time ? Take a look at the testimonials from registered School Report parents to see the benefits of just 5 minutes per term.

‘ As a working mum I don’t often get the chance to talk with other parents at the school gates. The school Report gives me the platform to share my experience and hear other parents views.’

‘ The School Report gives me, as a parent, a voice. I feel that I can now give honest feedback about my children’s school in a constructive but anonymous way. Not all parents have the confidence to feedback directly to the school, so this is an ideal way to have your voice heard.’

‘The School Report is an invaluable platform for parents and carers to engage in conversations with other parents within their school community.Sharing concerns and ideas for best practice in an open and transparent way also provides a unique way for schools themselves to gauge parental views and for both parties to work together for continuous improvement in educational standards.’

As more parents from your school community join The School Report the greater the benefit for all. As parents we all understand the many emotions,trials and tribulations of school life,the highs and the lows,the fears and the jubilation,but most of all the importance of knowing that your child’s experience matters , not just to you but to the school which they attend.To know that your worries will be listened to and acted upon and to know that your school will ensure, where possible, that solutions will be found.But as parents we should also remember to give praise where praise is due. Positive feedback is important for balanced feedback, often the hardest to obtain , as when things are going well we feel less inclined to give opinions, but this feedback is so important to encourage schools to continue their good work, to let them know that new initiatives have worked for you and your child and to share best practice throughout the parental community across the UK for the benefit of all children.

The School Report represents your parental voice, a strong voice that has recently turned up the volume. That is why we are urging all parents of school age children to build upon the foundations that we have created during this pandemic and register at theschoolreport.co.uk and do your bit to keep the volume high!