About The School Report

The School Report is a feedback platform to help parents engage in the educational arena and bridge the gap left between Ofsted Reporting and heart felt conversations held at the school gates.

With over 30,000 state and privately funded schools on the site The School Report‘s philosophy is to promote excellence, new ideas and best practice for all by working together with schools.

By supporting parents and promoting schools alike, The School Report will create a hub of knowledge to transform opinions, increase expectations and raise aspirations for future generations.

By working together, we will remove the fear of feedback from our education system. To achieve this we allocate every registered user with a user ID, which is used for identification purposes instead of your name. This is used to generate confidence amongst parents to provide honest feedback and requires cooperation from both parents and schools. To support this we ask that all feedback and responses to feedback, follow The School Report guidelines, to ensure that all content is Respectful, Honest and Helpful.

So thank you for finding your voice and joining The School Report community. Please help to spread the belief that every child, and every parent or carer’s educational experience matters. Join us in promoting the delivery of excellence as standard, in every school for every child.

You can get involved in your child’s education  today by completing the short survey on the site once per term and in doing so have your opinion heard.

We look forward to welcoming you to our inclusive community of parents and schools working together to make a difference.

Thank You!