What You Can Gain From Our Parent School Forum

When your child makes the big step to primary or secondary school, you’ll be excited and nervous for them in equal measure. You can look at each school’s Ofsted report, but as they can only ever see a snapshot, we help parents to see the whole picture. That’s our job at The School Report: To bring the reviews and conversations from parents who have been in your position into the foreground.

We provide the platform for a parent school forum that encompasses over 30,000 state and privately-funded schools across the UK which helps to support parents and, in turn, their children. Our service at The School Report is to create a community of helpful and informative voices that offers each parent insight into their child’s prospective school.

A parent school forum that aims to help facilitate excellence in every school

When choosing your son or daughter’s new school, it’s important that you gain expertise from those that have been there before and experienced the school. Our service at The School Report is designed to raise the standards and expectations of parents across the UK by speaking to parents. This, therefore, means our parent school forum can become a central reference point for schools and parents.

Offering you the latest comments, suggestions and helpful tips from parents across the UK, The School Report will help to quell your nerves completely before September comes around.

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