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Impressive start considering Covid RestrictionsYear 8

The School have responded well to Covid-19 restrictions whilst still providing a high standard of education. Remote learning has improved with an increase in teacher led Microsoft Team lessons which in our experience is a real help in motivation and in the standard of work produced by the children.
A new report system showing class and homework grades has proved to be of great help and has given greater insight and detail to parents. Requests for parental feedback on new initiatives are often sought which provides an inclusive culture of school and parental partnership.

Continued SuccessYear 6

Year Six has continued to impress. High teaching standards, preparations for senior school and lots of opportunities for the children to take on extra responsibilities in the various clubs and committees from Eco to Catering Committees, providing the children with a chance to provide feedback to the school. I would not hesitate to recommend this school to other parents as our experience has been excellent. Thank you to all !

Continued SuccessYear 5

I'm pleased to say that the high standards of Year 4 have continued into Year 5. Inspirational teachers encourage,nurture and inspire children , helping them to grow in confidence and believe that anything is possible. Fantastic extra curricular activities for all, with a special mention to the trampolining and cheer leading coach. If I had one suggestion it would be to expand this activity and include gymnastics.

Positive ExperienceYear 4

My experience of kings in the last twelve months has been really positive. My child has made great progress and grown in confidence. The school sets high standards for both staff and pupils. Teachers are enthusiastic , inspiring and imaginative.
Well done to all, keep up the good work !

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