New Class Woes

Excitement, trepidation or even out right fear. These are some of the many emotions that can affect our children when moving class, or the even bigger step of a new school.
Waiting for the new class list at the end of term can be a challenging time for children, parents and schools, as we look to reassure our children by managing expectations and emotions.
Making new friends or leaving old ones behind is probably top of the list of worries, with the prospect of a new teacher following a close second.
Parents often worry more about this than the children themselves, as once we have waved them off through the school gates, we have no idea or control over what happens next.
As parents we can help our children to grow into strong, resilient and progressive young adults by supporting positive attitudes towards change at an early age. Seeing a new class as an opportunity to make new friends, as all of our existing friends were new friends at some point.
Easier said than done I hear you say, when your 11 year old is devastated to be leaving their best friend behind and embarking on a new adventure with unfamiliar friends and teachers. So, do we look to schools to maintain the status quo, or can change be a positive experience in which children can grow. The anxiety and fear of the unknown is often a lot worse than the reality. By approaching change as an opportunity rather than something to fear we will create a culture of resilience and confidence for our children. Teaching them the skills to adapt at an early age, will encourage consistent progression in an ever increasingly competitive world.