Inspire a generation

Welcome to The School Report. As the first blog post for The School Report we thought it would be fitting to share with you the experience behind the concept from our founder.

As a parent who had many positive experiences of school life, my first experience of powerlessness came as quite a shock. Having spoken informally with many other parents who have shared similar experiences and feelings this inspired me to take action to change the culture that affects so many.

Frustration led to a proactive, positive approach to honest open dialogue between parents and schools as I believe we all want what’s “best” for our children. It was important for me to understand that we are all in fact wanting the same thing, working towards the same goal of helping each and every child to achieve their full potential; whatever that looks like for them in an environment of encouragement, positivity and inspiration.

The School Report is a platform for parents to engage in the educational arena, sharing views and experiences, by creating a culture of openness and honesty without fear of criticism. By working with our schools and learning from each other we can promote what works, what doesn’t and share it!

I want The School Report to make a positive difference to enable parents and schools to have conversations that might require courage and confidence on both sides to address that which is important to them; to create a system which confidently meets the needs of all of our children.

Will you find the courage and join me in the conversation and inspire a generation?

Thanks for listening!