Discover Secondary School Experiences About Your Child’s Prospective School

We all know how important choosing a secondary school is for your child. They won’t have experienced anything quite like ‘big school’ until they get there, so choosing a school is all about feelings and hunches. However, our team at The School Report have a bank of secondary school experiences that have been shared by parents from across the UK.

This is a great way to see what other parents thought of the school, the communication it had, the performance of their child as well as their specific experiences. You’ll gain insight into the school with these secondary school experiences that will include personal thoughts, forums and ratings.

Gauge a better understanding of your son or daughter’s prospective school

At The School Report it’s quick and easy to sign up to register and place your thoughts about a school. It’s also great if you’re a parent and are unsure about the ethos of a school. You’ll be able to read other parents’ secondary school experiences through the eyes of their children.

You will have the ability to see everyone’s thoughts on a certain school and be better placed to make an informed decision. We make sure of it at The School Report.

Discover more about the experiences parents have shared through The School Report community by speaking to us today.