Access to a practical and academic education

Inspiration comes in many forms and likewise so does a good education. In certain areas our education system has seen many changes over the past few decades, however few of these changes have been in the form of subjects studied in our schools.
Practical GCSE’s in subjects such as construction services, motor vehicle mechanics and more could offer all of our young people, academic, practical or both, the chance to excel in subjects that give them a clear path to their chosen career. Engaging young people who may not want to follow an academic path or would like the option to do both practical and academic at the same time will allow them an additional route to success increasing motivation, inspiration and aspiration. Why do we need an NVQ as an alternative to a GCSE? Children are leaving school to study a practical subject in other educational establishments, why? By providing access to a practical and academic education in schools we promote practical and academic skill on the same foundation and simultaneously help the captains of industry fill the skills gap with work ready young people who have the right skills and attitude to go onto fulfilling careers.